Advanced Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery

Dr Lakshmi is one of the few soft tissue surgeons in India qualified in the USA for reconstructive surgery. Head and neck, aural, upper respiratory (including procedures for brachycepahic syndrome), tracheal and abdominal surgery. Ophthalmic procedures and reconstructive surgery including skin grafting. Orthopedics for fracture management using internal and external fixation, under the able guidance of our expert consultant Dr S Ayyappan, M.V.Sc, PhD, Fellow, AOVET, Professor, Madras Veterinary College.

Theriogenology and Fertility

We provide tests for ovulation timing, endoscopy-aided artificial insemination, male fertility testing and hormonal treatment.

Paravet on Call

Registered patients can request a house call by a veterinarian or our vet technicians.

Alternative Medicine

The Animal Care Clinic was the first to have a certified homeopath on its panel of doctors, having had one for the last 10 years. We would like to offer all forms of therapies for your pet with the aim of curing and comforting the sick.

Health (Preventive, Primary, Wellness)

Primary healthcare using the best quality vaccines and medicine. We believe in evidence-based medicine. For example, regular fecal exams to get the right dewormer. Periodic assessment in life stages to catch developmental and age-related anomalies early and correct them. Comprehensive physicals to catch situations early and give your pet a long and healthy life. We also help you choose a healthy puppy with our pre-purchase exam.

Training and Behavior

Health is both physical and mental. A little effort to open the channels of communication with your furry friend will make sure you both understand each other and bond better. We have on our board a certified trainer and behavior specialist who will help you with the behavioral aspects of your pet.

Travel Certificates and Microchipping

We have vast experience in helping pets travel both in India and abroad. We also help with Rabies Serum Titer Test compliant with EU norms as well as other countries and help you with the necessary documentation. We provide EU and USA approved microchips which comply to both ISO and FDXB norms.

Onsite Investigation and Diagnostics

Our dedicated lab and diagnostic center supports the evidence-based medicine philosophy so that treatment can be carried out without unnecessary delay based on the results. We also take second opinions for histopathology from premier institutes like Abbey Labs, UK and TANUVAS, Chennai. Our diagnostic center and veterinary lab with imaging has the first veterinary digital x-ray in Andhra Pradesh fully equipped with ultrasound echo cardiography, endoscopy, Doppler BP , ECG, nebulizer, spot on snap test like parvo, ehrlichia, distemper, TPLI, relaxin etc. to provide reliable results that are small animal specific

Client Education

The Animal Care Clinic has always believed in creating and spreading awareness. Since both the caregiver and the health workers are partners in your pet’s well-being, we have little tips for you and your friend to keep diseases at bay.

Allied Services

Although it is not our core business, we help with information about trainers, walkers, breeders, boarding, home stays and finding a mate and burial services for no charge to our registered clients. We also can even help you get a pet for adoption.

Animal Welfare

We provide free first-aid service to stray animals that have been rescued and brought. They will be later sent to an animal rescue shelter like People For Animals or Blue Cross of Hyderabad.

Joint Evaluation Center

In line with our constant endeavour to give world-standard care and improve the lives of pets with the latest technology, our consultant Dr Ayyappan, PhD Professor, Small Animal Orthopedics has undergone Penn HIP training in the USA. He is the only one in India with this qualification. The advantage of the procedure is early diagnosis of hip dysplasia so that corrective measures can be instituted promptly. Digital X-rays are taken in various positions according to the distraction method. About 10 to 12 exposures are taken and the best 5 of these are then sent to the USA for measurements and final score. This procedure is done under general anaesthesia and takes about 2 hours. Prior appointment is needed. Puppies can be screened as early as 16 weeks. For more information look up Penn HIP and JPS online.

Dermatology and Medicated Baths

It can be frustrating and painful to watch your beloved furry friend suffer from skin diseases. Tests such as skin scrapes, microbiology, cultures etc. help us diagnose the disease and treat it specifically.

Medicated baths are the mainstay of many cures. We specialize in providing this treatment to accelerate the healing process.