Diagnostic Center

Our diagnostic centre is equipped with veterinary specific machinery since human ones are not correctly calibrated for animal use. We have Ultrasound Echo Cardiography, Endoscopy, Doppler BP, ECG, Nebuliser, Parvo, Ehrlichia, Distemper, TPLI, Relaxin, etc., as we believe in evidence-based medicine.

Critical Care

A dedicated veterinarian to attend to in-patients and critical care patients backed by life support and monitoring equipment like centralized oxygen suction and multipara meter. We provide daycare for patients who require frequent medication like fluids in a separate facility where their owner can be with them to comfort them. All the wards are monitored by CCTV cameras by the veterinary team, so immediate attention can be provided. We also are experts in blood transfusion.

Exotic Pet Medicine

While treating animals rescued by welfare organisations, we have gained vast experience with exotics like rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, snakes and lizards. We perform neuter surgeries for guinea pigs and rabbits.

Compounded Medicines

We have a veterinary-specific pharmacy with top quality medication for your convenience. This facility is open only to our clients.

Separate Wards

We triage patients, so sick and healthy pets are kept separately. This is done to ensure that the sick get more privacy and faster attention. This is also a step to contain the possible spreading of air-borne pathogens.

Dental Care

Oral hygiene can extend and improve the quality of life by 2 years. We conduct oral checks as well as a full dental scale, polish, both extractions and exodontics. All these to maintain your pet’s teeth.

Grooming Parlour & Spa

Our groomer is Certificate-B trained by top Chinese groomers, affiliated to AIER grooming school. We provide only the highest quality of grooming for your precious pet, with utmost love and care, with imported shampoos.


Our in-house pet shop is fully stocked with the latest pet accessories and all brands and varieties of foods, treats, and essentials for both small animals and exotics.

Spacious Waiting Area

Our caring does not stop with your furry friends alone. We offer a clean and comfortable space along with a well-equipped refreshment and information corner since the treatment of your loved ones can often take a long time. We also have ample parking with a watchman and driver to assist you.

Extensive Library

To keep our team updated with the latest information, we have a well-stocked library with latest books and videos, along with team education and discussions.

E-Medical Records

We use VETPORT (USA) to keep computerised medical records for clarity of treatment, safety of data, and transparency in billing. Your pet’s medical records are accessible anytime from anywhere in the world!

Cold Chain & Quality

Electricity failure reduces quality of medication. We procure the best and make sure it is maintained well. We are a Protect Promise Certified clinic with the highest standards of cold chain for vaccines, with assured quality.