Which role is the best for you?

We encourage young students to work with us, in any of the below roles as they see fit. The experience not only provides them with valuable insights into the veterinary profession, but also helps them decide on a career path.

See what is best for you, and apply using the link at the bottom.


We encourage students to volunteer, and decide their future career path based on the experience. Every volunteer gets his/her daily routine at the time of joining and timings and schedule are discussed. Volunteers are given a certificate at the end of the term. The team of ACC is happy to guide volunteers interested in taking veterinary science as a career.


People who have completed their B.VSc. can apply for a paid observership with the clinic. The observership varies between 2 to 6 months. The applicant is not allowed to help with any procedures. He/She can only observe and learn. Questions are encouraged. The observer can use the clinic library for doubts or further reading.


Students currently enrolled in veterinary school are accepted as interns. Interns are allowed to help in the clinic, and their routine is decided based on their current subjects, year of undergraduate study being pursued, etc.


People interested in grooming will be given a short training on grooming and will assist in our grooming parlour. They will need to sign a contract for a minimum of 1 year.


Someone well versed with the drugs can apply as a pharmacist with us. A contract for a minimum of 1 year needs to be signed at the time of joining.


Any hospital needs reliable management. We require our management staff to be fluent in English, with good leadership skills and typing skills. A 1 year contract must be signed while joining.

I have been coming to TACC as an intern from my 1st year. It has been a wonderful experience for me and I got to learn a lot. This has really helped me in my classes. Dr. Lakshmi is a great mentor and so patient and gentle with all her clients and patients. I am very grateful to her for giving me this opportunity and taking out the time to teach me so much. Her knowledge about exotic animals has really inspired me, and I hope to pursue a future in exotic and wild animals someday.
Sujit Seshadri, Third year veterinary student

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