The Animal Care Clinic is a multi-specialty hospital which was started in 1992 as a small clinic and has come a long way.

Today, we are an ace medical team.

Our experienced doctors and para-veterinary staff are genuine animal lovers, who know how to handle different animals that step into our clinic every day.

We believe that a caring atmosphere is as much a part of animal care as the veterinary practice. We strongly believe that scientific advancement in veterinary medicine is required to be put into clinical use, for the benefit of animals, and not merely be a topic for academic research.

It has been a life’s calling for us to make sure animals are healthy and their guardians happy. We derive great satisfaction from helping sick animals.





Our Passion

Quality without compromise. Treatment and care without constraints on limits. This is what we want for our pets and since you are an extension of our family, the same applies to your pet. This is what motivated us to start the clinic 20 years ago.

Our Mission

Ensure you and your pet enjoy a happy and healthy life together by offering the best quality medicare, keeping the best interests of your pet in mind. We endeavour to expand our knowledge and skills to provide the most innovative healthcare for your pet.

Our Vision

To provide a pleasant, clean and friendly environment for our clients, patients, doctors and staff, and constantly improve our services and increase our knowledge and capabilities in client relations, medical management, and human-employee relations.


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Dr. Lakshmi Ramana
Dr. Lakshmi RamanaFounder Director
The first lady to be awarded “PACE” – all India award for highest contribution to the veterinary profession. Has performed over 15,000 surgeries to date.
Dr. Tapashree Borua
Dr. Tapashree BoruaSenior Veterinary physician
The drive to be the best has made me what I am. I am very passionate about my profession. Each day offers a new challenge and a new lesson to be learnt.
Dr. Shireen Uzma
Dr. Shireen UzmaSenior Veterinary physician
I am very blessed to be a vet and experience the true feeling of love. Dr. Lakshmi helped me understand animals, feel their pain, and work affectionately for them.
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Diabetes in Dogs

Diabetes mellitus is diagnosed by the presence of the typical clinical signs (excess thirst, excess urination, excess appetite, and weight loss), in addition the presence of a persistently high level of glucose in the blood stream, and the presence of glucose in the urine.


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  • Found the staff very friendly and knowledgeable, a good checkout process but found the wait time a bit tedious. I feel very confident when I go there (ACC), as the staff are competent and they really care about animals. I feel that is very important
    Bredesen, J, Expat Independent Consultant
    The Animal Care Clinic gave prompt attention to my dog. I am very happy with Dr Lakshmi who clarified all my doubts. My only regret is not knowing about the Animal Care Clinic earlier.
    Dr. B Sudarshan, M.S, M. Ch., Prof. & Head, Plastic Surgery, Govt. Hospital, Kurnool